Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post a job ad on Notify?

If you are new to our platform, 
  • Please sign up for an account on the employer’s portal
  • Create a Business Profile
  • Proceed to the “Jobs”, “Announcements”, or “Tender” section to create a listing on the relevant category.
  • When you create a listing, you will be shown how much credits you would need for the listing, based on the listing type, duration and additional features you choose to use for the listing. You can make a purchase of a suitable credits package and then proceed to publish the listing.

What are Business Profiles?

Business profiles relate to companies, organizations or other service providers. When a user creates an account on Notify, the account can be used to manage various business profiles. For example, an employment agency may need to manage recruitments of their clients. As such, the agency can sign up for an account and create profiles for all their clients within the same account.

A business can use the Business Profile to display information about their business to their potential employees, service providers and the public. Contact details, line of business, major milestones and organisation’s working culture, are some of the information that may be useful for the audience. 

Credit packages are linked to business profiles. A user can use credits in a profile only for listings related to the respective business profiles. For example, if a user has business profile A & B, and needs to post a listing for profile A. Then the user will need to use credits available in profile A for such postings.

What’s the difference between jobs, announcements, and tenders?

  • Jobs: Job postings are for vacancies. Each job has to be published separately.
  • Announcements: Announcements are for general notices such as liquidation notices, public service announcements, etc.
  • Tender: These listings are for tender notices, requests for expression of interest for services, and procurement requirements. 
Posting on the correct area increases your chance of getting better reach for your post. 

How much does it cost to post a job ad?

Notify uses a credit system for measuring the costs. Publishers need to purchase credits and such credits will be used to pay for the listings.

Each Listing costs 10 credits per day. Publishers may choose to feature a listing on Notify home page or on other external services such as Dhauru and Maldives Insider for extended exposure, for which a small additional fee may be charged. 

  • Featuring on Notify Home Page : 3 Credits per day
  • Featuring on Dhauru: Free (Introductory Offer)
  • Featuring on Maldives Insider: Free (Introductory Offer)

The total costs of posting a listing will be shown prior to the publisher proceeding to publish the listing.

How do I purchase credits?

Users can add credits to their accounts by purchasing a credit package or packages. We offer several credit packages for our users to choose from. A user may choose the package(s) suitable for their needs.  Users can purchase multiple packages or a single package multiple times however the users see suitable for their publishing requirements. 
A trial package, however, can be subscribed to only once per each business profile.

Do credits expire?

Yes. Each credit package has a validity period. If you had already purchased a package, you can view a summary of the credits and their expiration date from your dashboard.
When credits have been expired, they are not available for use for services. 

Can my listings be invoiced monthly?

Yes, If you would like to proceed with publishing on credit basis, you can choose the “other” option at the checkout after selecting the package you would like to purchase.  
We will contact you to discuss payment options convenient for you.

For jobseekers

How do I search for jobs on Notify?

You can search by keyword or by job title. Filter your search by category or go through recent listings to find the type of job you’re looking for. 

How do I apply for jobs on Notify?

The employer will specify how applications are accepted for the job. Based on their preference, you may be able to apply for the job through Notify platform, or you may be provided with a link to continue the application process on an external portal. If “Apply Now” button is not visible on a job listing, please read the job listing for instructions on how to apply.

Can’t find your query here?

Give us a call at +960 769 2020 or email us at [email protected] with your query and we will get back to you. 

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